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          about weijiamei

          Premium quality since 2004

          Hangzhou Weijiamei Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. starting from 2004, is controlled by Hongfeng Electronics. It is a professional manufacturer of small home appliances integrated OEM/ODM kitchen appliances integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

          • R & D team
          • Cost advantage
          • Quality Assurance

          Focus on R&D innovation, professional R&D team and engineering team

          • There are more than 20 R&D personnel.
          • Among them, 12 are in structural design, 3 are in electric control, and 5 are in hardware design.
          • From idea to product, realize one-stop solution.

          Supported by huge annual output, lower material purchase prices can be obtained, highlighting the cost advantage.

          • High delivery guarantee.
          • Our annual sales volume is 8 million units.
          • 15 million units in 2022.

          Plastics, hardware, and circuit boards are all supplied independently, eliminating the need for transportation to cause defects, and the quality is relatively more controllable and guaranteed.

          • Strict Quality Control throughout Manufacture.
          • Commitment To Superior Quality.
          • Advanced Machines For Better Quality.
          Industries We Serve

          Industry Solutions

          Guaranteed Quality

          With advanced laboratories and testing equipment, 95% of reliability tests can be completed internally.

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          Customized Service

          We have a strong R&D and engineering technical team, which can design exclusive customization according to customer needs.

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          There are hardware sub-factories, injection workshops, mold workshops, and circuit board workshops. The self-made ratio is up to 70%, and the price and quality are superior.

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          We are located in the beautiful Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, close to Beilun Port and the airport, and convenient for export.

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          about weijiamei


          Your company has experienced employees and experts who always serve me and provide our company with satisfactory products and professional guidance on solutions to technical problems.


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